Volvo is recalling problems with Their air bags

8.200 cars, to 1,200, in Sweden, needs to be addressed. This is on the grounds that the Volvo is a supplier of airbags, Autoliv has been recognized that there may be a problem with the trigger mechanism of the airbag, as a result of quality issues during a period of time in the production process.

It was a safety company Autoliv, which immediately alerted us to this case, has been given a very quick treatment, ” she says Bjerstaf, press officer at Volvo Cars. No incidents have been reported. The car models affected are from model year 2017, all of the model series, i.e. 40, 60, and 90.

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Some of the airbags that Autoliv made for the Volvo cars model year 2017, which may not be working properly.