Volkswagen is closing the China, factory.

The work on the production line in the German city of Emden, making a gap between the 25th of January to 3rd of February, as well as in the 16-17th and 20-21st of the same month.

In the factory the work of 9,000 employees and the reason for the temporary stops are said to be low demand for the car in china. In the uk, the five most-registered new car in 2016, but in other countries, the valleys in popularity.

“We have a problem in England, Turkey and Russia. The demand in china, the sink, and we cannot rule out the possibility of additional stops leading up to easter. No one knows what the world is going to evolve, ” says a spokesperson from Volkswagen, according to Reuters news agency, which, in turn, refers to the German news agency Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

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Kombivarianten of China, in the production line of the German horse breed. Low levels of demand make that the Volkswagen will be out of production.