The older cars are being modernised

A long time ago launched by Telia in a Sense that, in order to make the older cars are ”smarter”. Now comes the Telenor’s response, in the form of the programme. The systems are designed in the same way as a hardware token is plugged into the car’s diagnostics connection, and then sends the information about the bilstatus to your cell phone.

An external company as the work of, for example, car insurance, gasoline, parking, vehicle inspection, can then gain access to the vehicle’s data. The cars, built in 2001, is compatible with the system. Mekonomen, If, EasyPark, and Circle K, have been chosen to enter into co-operation with the People, and to offer services to those who choose to hook up to his car.

Connect the tested right now in Sweden, denmark, Norway, and Denmark. When it is made available to the general public, and what it’s going to cost you, there is no information on that yet.

Discuss: What do you think of the idea?

The Information about the vehicle's status can be sent to an app in your mobile phone through Telenor's new service.