The confederation of Swedish enterprise is to improve the New York city traffic

The are going to upgrade 475 of the New York city of about 13 000 traffic lights with the connected technologies that will improve the flow of traffic. The basis of the system is the digital platform of MIIPS, which is already used in Volvo test vehicles, all of the stations, and the number of buses in Sweden.

“The deal reinforces our position in and commitment to becoming a global leader in the area of smart cities and smart transport system. It is also a good base for further expansion in the field of smart cities, and smart transportation and logistics, ” says Tobias Andersson, Global vice president of sales at The.

Then, in the last year has The agreement with the New York city traffic management, the development of technologies to, among other things, to provide the travellers in the public transport system, with real-time information, via mobile applications and digital displays at bus stops.

“Our aim is to be The to be the preferred platform of the smart public transport in New York City. The project is open, of course, is also up for trade with other traffic authorities in the whole of north America, ” said Tobias Andersson, Global vice president of sales at The.

Faltcoms the technology can already be found in, among other things, many of the buses.