The BMW’s batteries to the wind

One of the biggest problems with the renewable fuel risks from mains is that they don’t always produce the electricity when it is needed the most. In order to cope with this, the need of utilities to store the electricity, and now the Waterfall has reached agreement with BMW of the car manufacturer to deliver 1, 000 the lithium-ion batteries in a year.

– Energy storage and grid stability are the main concerns in this new energy world, ” says Gunnar Groebler, Senior Vice President of Vattenfall and head of Business Area Wind. We would like to use the facilities, where we produce electricity from renewable sources of energy in order to drive the transition to a new energy system, and in order to facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources into the energy systems with storage facilities. The de-coupling of production from consumption, and the interconnectedness of the various forbrukningssektorer is the main focus of our work.

The batteries are to be used to store the power produced at the wind farm, Princess Alexia, outside of the city of Amsterdam. There are also plans to use the technology of the future wind farm in Hamburg-Bergedorf. Potentially, the batteries can also be used to store the electricity in a private household.

“We are delighted that the BMW may have found an provider that is with the use of a battery of reliable and good quality from a German production meets our stringent quality standards,” says Daniel Hustadt, project manager for the large batteries at the Waterfall, the Innovation GmbH.

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The BMW's batteries to the wind