Batterijatte challenge Contest from Finland

Valmet is to be on behalf of the CATL to build the battery pack into the european electric and hybrid cars. According to the news agency, Reuters, has a CATL tripled its production capacity for lithium-ion batteries in the last year and 2020, the capacity is up to 50 gigawatt-hours / year. There has to be more than that of Tesla’s Gigafactory in the united states, where it is planned to 35 gigawatt-hours / year.

The Valmet has a Finnish factory of Nystad, to the north of Turku, is now suven GLC to the Mercedes. In the past, it has been building cars for Saab, Opel, Fisker and Porsche.

Discuss: Do you think there will be more and more batterifabriker to the world?

Valmet Automotive is now cars cars for Mercedes. In the future, there will be a focus on lithium-ion batteries.