Insane burnout 😂 [fb_vid id=”photo_id”:”1344066932355736″”][fb_vid id=”1344066932355736″]

When an MR2 pulls the wheels off the ground going into high gear, you know it’s got some POWER. Powered by a Precision Turbo mounted to a Honda K24 engine, and is mated to a Dogbox Transmission, this Toyota Mr2 is ALL Business. [fb_vid id=”photo_id”:”10155861142397112″”][fb_vid id=”10155861142397112″]

Operating on Romania’s mountains [fb_vid id=”photo_id”:”1497097060359299″”][fb_vid id=”1497097060359299″]

Audi TTS launch control fail 😂 [fb_vid id=”photo_id”:”716778388528620″”][fb_vid id=”716778388528620″]

The operation on the Romania mountains and the Village all your friends to see metals ️metals️ [fb_vid id=”photo_id”:”122638608406435″”][fb_vid id=”122638608406435″]