The work on the production line in the German city of Emden, making a gap between the 25th of January to 3rd of February, as well as in the 16-17th and 20-21st of the same month. In the factory the work of 9,000 employees and the reason for the temporary stops are said to be […]

The new plant in Tianjin to be completed by the end of the year, and then to the 200,000 cars rolling out from the production line every year. The first mission will be to build up to 150 000 electric vehicles based on the Saab 9-3 for the Panda New Energy, which is engaged in […]

So, this in mind, Mercedes as to the future of compact cars are supposed to look. The car manufacturer has released the forhandsbilder of what they refer to as ”the Aesthetics of A’, a sort of sculpture on top of the next A-class. In a press release, talking to Mercedes about the ”sensuality of surfaces […]

8.200 cars, to 1,200, in Sweden, needs to be addressed. This is on the grounds that the Volvo is a supplier of airbags, Autoliv has been recognized that there may be a problem with the trigger mechanism of the airbag, as a result of quality issues during a period of time in the production process. […]

It’s a constant struggle for car buyers between the giants, Volkswagen and Toyota. Now, both manufacturers are recognized for how many cars they have sold in the last year, and a Morsel to take with her a level of 10.3 million cars, trucks and buses are over the top spot from Toyota, with Lexus, Daihatsu […]

He is correct his former boss autopilotprogrammet, Sterling Anderson. He has worked with Google in the past the head of the self-driven cars, Chris Urmson, set up a new company, Aurora Innovation, which operates in the same industry. Sterling Anderson is alleged to have attempted to bring out the Tesla employees at his new place […]

Valmet is to be on behalf of the CATL to build the battery pack into the european electric and hybrid cars. According to the news agency, Reuters, has a CATL tripled its production capacity for lithium-ion batteries in the last year and 2020, the capacity is up to 50 gigawatt-hours / year. There has to […]

A long time ago launched by Telia in a Sense that, in order to make the older cars are ”smarter”. Now comes the Telenor’s response, in the form of the programme. The systems are designed in the same way as a hardware token is plugged into the car’s diagnostics connection, and then sends the information […]

In the fall, presented the seventh-generation of the 5 series. It had been on a diet, off 100 pounds compared to its predecessor, and the kombiversionen the Touring also benefits from the same lattviktschassi. The car, which is going to give among other things, the Mercedes E-class and the Volvo V90 for a company has […]

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in the united states has been crash-tested electric cars, BMW i3 and Tesla Model S. Both of which did a good job, but missed this part, which, in turn, resulted in the fact that they did not receive the distinction of ”Top Safety Pick”. (embed) The Tesla Model […]